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PEZET increases transparency with shop floor management, web-based MES and energy management

At the end of 2014, Pezet began development of a production monitoring system using a modular, web-based MES software solution from Includis GmbH of Berlin. “We were already using Includis products and were impressed by the company’s customer orientation. The price-performance ratio is right,” says Jürgen Springindschmitten. On older injection molding machines, the system monitors quantities, cycle times and material consumption, etc. On all new injection molding machines that are equipped with the OPC UA interface standard, it is also possible to monitor additional process parameters such as pressures and temperatures. “The system notices right away if something goes wrong, which reduces the amount of quality assurance required for the injection molding machine.”

Energy management is another issue that has been at the top of the agenda in recent years. To reduce energy peaks, for example, Pezet operates high energy-consuming machines, such as annealing furnaces, at night. Jürgen Springindschmitten sees smart metering as a further means of system optimization. Pezet is currently testing the new smart meter gateway developed by the parent company Theben and marketed as Conexa 3.0: “We are putting a large number of these units into operation; they allow smart switching of energy consumers, including for example the start-up sequence of the injection molding machines when production is launched.”

(K-Profi issue 1-2/2017, page 16)