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Jochen Brinkmann

Jochen Brinkmann has a degree in electrical engineering and is the founder of INCLUDIS. Boasting more than 25 years of automation experience, he knows the requirements of production inside and out. Your benefit is that this extensive expertise is constantly integrated into the software design and development at INCLUDIS.

As an acting partner, he focuses mainly on expanding the company’s distribution network and on promoting the company’s products in the global marketplace.

Jochen Brinkmann
Managing Director

Susanne Brinkmann

Susanne Brinkmann has a Master’s degree in communications management and is in charge of marketing at INCLUDIS.

She worked at the marketing and press offices of two research institutes in Berlin, adding to her wealth of experience in marketing products that need to be explained to the customer. Constantly contributing her vast knowledge and creativity, she has played a key role in the company’s success ever since she joined INCLUDIS.

Her current responsibilities include the development of marketing concepts and positioning the INCLUDIS brand in the global market environment

Susanne Brinkmann
Director of Marketing
Public Relations

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