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    INCLUDIS will take your business exactly where you want to position it in the new world of Industry 4.0 - with greater efficiency and flexibility, and above all, with greater success.

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  • Industry 4.0

    Industry 4.0 is our goal for the intelligent connection of discrete systems, machine controls and production lines.

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  • IIoT

    Have an edge with industrial IoT. Get your data through our central platform and optimize your processes.

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We are specialized in
the following industries

  • Automotive
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  • Metal working
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  • Polymer processing
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  • Packaging
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  • Electronics


Cloud computing technology vector logo design template. Data transfer creative concept icon.Industry 4.0 is the standard that dictates the operation of INCLUDIS.Web in the Cloud. Our Cloud solution is a particularly good choice for small and medium-sized production businesses that do not provide an IT infrastructure of their own or do not wish to expand their existing infrastructure. You will save the substantial cost associated with an IT infrastructure and can calculate with fixed monthly costs when using INCLUDIS.Web. You will not incur any costs for maintenance and installing updates. The INCLUDIS concept of standardization allows all devices and automation modules capable of TCP/IP communication to communicate directly with the Cloud servers set up at the data processing center.

One topic that is always a concern in one form or another is privacy and unauthorized access of the data stored in the Cloud. Secure cloud operation calls for reliable authentication procedures, security updates and dependable and certified IT providers.

Our company supports two different Cloud use models:

Public Cloud
This model involves the classic operation at a data processing center set up by a Cloud provider (AWS, Microsoft). To access the data, all the user needs is an Internet connection. INCLUDIS hosts the software running at the data processing center for you and performs regular updates.

Private Cloud
When opting for this model, you will lease a dedicated server at a data processing center, giving your IT staff or an IT provider full control of the server. You will save the initial cost involved with purchasing a server and the operating system. The only cost you will incur is the monthly operating costs associated with the use of the server. The size of the server can be adapted to the current requirements of your business. You can use secure VPN connections to access the system at any time using your browser. INCLUDIS performs regular updates after consulting your IT department.

Your advantages at a glance
  • Fixed, predictable monthly costs for using software and server
  • You will only pay for the resources you actually use.
  • Affordable linking of additional regional production sites
  • Greater system stability of the servers thanks to redundant system setup
  • Always at the leading edge of technology
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